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Salut , blogger ! Nampak tak there was 1word at the picture ? Nampak kann ? The word is ........


Haa, today Eylia nak story mory with u all about my dream :3 As what u all know, all people who life in this world will have dream . That's we called LUMRAH in bm >.< At least dream about our ambition or whatever lha . Like Eylia , i want to .............................. Read there -->

Firstly, Eylia teringin sangat nak pegi sini :-

Cantik kan tower tuhh ? Tao dekat mne ? YESSS, of course lha PARIS !! For your information Eylia ade 1novel tajuk dia "Sayangku Casper" Novel tuhh cerita pasal keluarga casper yg berasal dari PARIS . Dekat dlm novel tuhh contain many frence language . So, i can know a little bit about their languange . 

Cinta pertama ialah keramat di hati .....
Rindu pertama adalah penamat di jiwa ....
'Is love supposed to last throungout all time...
or is it like trains changing at random stops?'

Awesome kann ayat tuhh ? Actually, tuhh ayat dekat depan novel tuhh . Saje je tempek dekat entry nihh . Nak share with u all .

Second, Eylia hope sangat will get band6 for all subject in PBS . As what u all know , Eylia tahun nihh dahh form2 n tahun depan will be form3 . So, my batch will not have PMR anymore :D But we will have PBS :'( Ohh my godd ! I hate that chickkk ! There was veryvery kejamm ! Please pray for me to get band6 okey ! Merci u all !

The last one is, this is NEW DREAM ! I want to know this little handsome teenager boy . Haaa, ambik kau . Ayat aku tunggang langgang habis :P Oppps sorry !

I just know his named, Ikmal . His aged, 14 . He friends with my boyfriend, Izzat and my primary classmate, Mus , Mirul , Ridhwan and others .